Facom JET.T6M3 Tool trolley (6lades) - Red model - 1154 x 546 x 1000mm

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Special features:
1 large storage closet in storing large objects.
The door is locked with a key.
The same slot for charging and storage cabinet.
A wooden version wood inlay sheet JET.A14M5 added.
Compatible with the top case: JET.C4GM5.
Capable range JET.XL accessories.

6 drawers = 15 modules distributed in the trays 60 and 130 mm:
4 drawers with a height of 60 mm = 12 modules.
1 tray, with a height of 130 mm = 3 modules.
1 tray, with a height of 270 mm.
Total allowable load in the drawers: 140 kg.
Useful storage volume in the trays: 155 liters.
4 wheels of 160 mm (excellent performance): two swivel castors (2 with brake) and 2 fixed.
Overall dimensions (W x D x H), including wheels and worktop: 1154 x 546 x 1000 mm.
Useful dimensions of the load (L x D x D): 569 x 421 x 60/130/200 mm.
Dimensions of the side pocket: (L x H x D): 378 x 430 x 679 mm (pass width with opened door 310 mm).
Supplied with baffles 6 for loading of 60 mm and two bulkheads for loading of 130 mm.