See EG671A 4-stroke generator

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High-quality, four-stroke engine timing chain with hardened, cast-iron cylinder liner and completely journalled crankshaft. Guarantees a quiet operation and excellent durability.
The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) keeps the voltage constant at irregular loading, so that even electrical devices can be easily connected with electronic speed control.
By means of the 22-liter tank capacity, it is possible to work continuously 6.6 hours.
2 dB (A) Noise reduction as compared to other motors of the same class.
Easy to start with automatic decompression which greatly reduces the required traction.
Equipped with automatic voltage regulator.
Sensor oil in the crankcase and pointer to the gasoline position in the tank provide great reliability.
Suitable for Euro unleaded petrol.
When connecting highly sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, LED screens, etc. may occur in equipment damage.