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The HYW2600P is a petrol engine with high-pressure cleaner, powered by a 7 hp, 4-stroke Hyundai engine, which delivers a continuous pressure of 2800 psi and a flow rate of 7.9 l / min, which allows challenging cleaning tasks to be tackled and fantastic results achieved. Driving on petrol offers the freedom to clean electrical supplies, and it is also lightweight and portable, with folding handles to make this high-pressure cleaner even more compact. For everything to a large-scale, mediocre domestic use, this machine will not disappoint you. It comes with a 4-piece nozzle set and a turbo nozzle with a maximum capacity of 3000 ppi - capable of reducing cleaning time by 25% This high-pressure cleaner is equipped with a high-quality Axial pump designed to withstand the rigors of demanding cleaning jobs that many standard pumps could not meet. The build quality is extremely robust and the washing machine itself has a detachable handle that can be folded down over the machine to form an engine buffer for when the machine is stored. The HYW2600P also features a soap detection vessel that can be filled with detergent liquid, which is drawn into the water stream when you use the correct nozzle to reduce your cleaning time. It also features a thermal pressure relief valve that helps to regulate the temperature of the pump to prevent damage. It comes with a 7.62 m hose